List of accepted papers for EDBT


Shuo Shang (The University of Queensland); Ruogu Ding (KAUST); Bo Yuan (Tsinghua University); Kexin Xie (); Kai Zheng (Univ. of Queensland); Panos Kalnis (KAUST):  User Orientated Trajectory Search for Trip Recommendation.

Petros Venetis (Stanford University); Yannis  Sismanis (IBM Almaden); Berthold Reinwald (IBM Almaden): A Compact Randomized Similarity Index for Set-Valued Features.

Amin Milani Fard (SFU); Ke Wang (SFU); Philip Yu (University of Illinois at Chicago): Limiting Link Disclosure in Social Network Analysis through Subgraph-Wise Perturbation.

Yuan Hong (Rutgers University); Jaideep Vaidya (Rutgers University); Haibing Lu (Santa Clara University); Mingrui Wu (Microsoft): Differentially Private Search Log Sanitization with Optimal Output Utility.

Vishwakarma Singh (UCSB); Ambuj Singh (University of California, SB): SIMP: Accurate and Efficient Near Neighbor Search in High Dimensional Spaces.

Takeshi Yamamuro (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories); Makoto Onizuka (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories); Toshio Hitaka (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories); Masashi Yamamuro (NTT Cyber Space Laboratories): VAST-Tree: A Vector-Advanced and Compressed Structure for Massive Data Tree Traversal.

Yu Cao (National Univ. of Singapore); Yongluan Zhou (University of Southern Denmark); Chee-Yong Chan (National Univ. of Singapore); Kian-Lee Tan ("National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore"): On Optimizing Relational Self-Joins.

Ming Hua (Facebook Inc); Jian Pei (Simon Fraser University): Aggregate Queries on Probabilistic Record Linkages.

Yuanyuan Zhu (The Chinese University of HK); Lu Qin (CUHK); Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK); Hong Cheng ("The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China"): Finding Top-K Similar Graphs in Graph Databases.

Justin Levandoski (Microsoft Research); Mohamed Sarwat (University of Minnesota); Mohamed Mokbel (University of Minnesota); Michael Ekstrand (University of Minnesota): RecStore: An Extensible and Adaptive Framework for Online Recommender Queries inside the Database Engine.

Zhan Su (); Anthony Tung (); Zhenjie Zhang (Advanced Digital Sciences Cent): Supporting Top-K Item Exchange Recommendations in Large Online Communities.

Hideaki Kimura (Brown University); Carleton Coffrin (Brown University); Alexander Rasin (DePaul University); Stanley Zdonik (Brown University): Optimizing Index Deployment Order for Evolving OLAP.

Ying Zhang (UNSW); Wenjie Zhang (UNSW); Qianlu Lin (UNSW); Xuemin Lin ("The Univ. of New South Wales, Australia"): Effectively Indexing the Multi-Dimensional Uncertain Objects for Range Searching.

Foto Afrati (NTUA); Jeffrey Ullman (): Transitive Closure and Recursive Datalog Implemented on Clusters.

Zhou Zhao (HKUST); Da Yan (HKUST); Wilfred Ng (HKUST): Mining Probabilistically Frequent Sequential Patterns in Uncertain Databases.

Charu Aggarwal (IBM Research); Wangqun Lin (NUDT); Philip Yu (University of Illinois at Chicago): Searching by Corpus with Fingerprints.

Tim  Kaldewey (IBM Research); Eugene Shekita (Google); Sandeep Tata (IBM Research): Clydesdale: Structured Data Processing on MapReduce.

Leonidas Fegaras (Univ. of Texas at Arlington); Chengkai Li (Univ. of Texas at Arlington); Upa Gupta (Univ. of Texas at Arlington): An Optimization Framework for Map-Reduce Queries.

Takuya Akiba (The University of Tokyo); Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi (NII); Christian Sommer (MIT): Shortest-Path Queries for Complex Networks: Exploiting Low Tree-width Outside the Core.

Anand Kumar (University of South Florida); Vladimir Grupcev (University of South Florida, Tampa); Yi-Cheng Tu (University of South Florida, Tampa); Yongke Yuan (University of South Florida, Tampa); Gang Shen (North Dakota State University): Distance Histogram Computation Based on Spatiotemporal Uniformity in Scientific Data.

Chuancong Gao (MPII); Sebastian Michel (Saarland University): Top-k Interesting Phrase Mining in Ad-hoc Collections using Sequence Pattern Indexing.

Mayuresh Kunjir (IISc); Puneet Birwa (IISc); Jayant Haritsa (IISc): Peak Power Plays in Database Engines

Yueguo Chen (Renmin University of China) Bin Cui (Peking University) Xiaoyong Du (School of Information, Renmin University of China) Anthony Tung (): Efficient Approximation of The Maximal Preference Scores by Lightweight Cubic Views.

Sourav Dutta (IBM Research, India); Souvik Bhattacherjee (IBM Research, India); Ankur Narang (IBM Research, India): Towards "Intelligent Compression" in Streams: A Biased Reservoir Sampling based Bloom Filter Approach

Silvia  Gómez (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires); Leticia Gómez (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires); Alejandro Vaisman (Universit. Libre de Bruxelles): A Generic Data Model and Query Language for Spatiotemporal OLAP Cube Analysis

Foteini Alvanaki (Saarland University); Sebastian Michel (Saarland University); Krithi Ramamritham (); Gerhard Weikum (): EnBlogue - Emergent Topic Detection on Web 2.0 Streams.

Rui Zhou (Swinburne University); Chengfei Liu (Swinburne University); Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK); Weifa Liang (): Finding Maximal k-Edge-Connected Subgraphs from a Large Graph.

Sean Barker (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Yun Chi (NEC Labs America); Hyun Moon (NEC Labs America); Hakan Hacigumus (NEC Labs America); Prashant Shenoy (University of Massachusetts Amherst): "Cut Me Some Slack": Latency-Aware Live Migration for Databases.

Marina Drosou (University of Ioannina); Evaggelia Pitoura (University of Ioannina): Dynamic Diversification of Continuous Data.

Irina Botan (ETH Zurich); Peter Fischer (Universiät Freiburg); Donald Kossmann (); Nesime Tatbul (ETH Zürich, Switzerland): Transactional Stream Processing

Chuan Shi (BUPT); Xiangnan  Kong (UIC); Philip Yu (University of Illinois at Chicago); Sihong Xie (UIC): Relevance Search in Heterogeneous Networks.

Fabian Prasser (Technische Universität München); Alfons Kemper ("Technical University of Munich, Germany"); Klaus Kuhn (Technische Universität Munich, Germany): Efficient Distributed Query Processing for Autonomous RDF Databases.

Chi Zhang (Florida State University); Feifei Li (University of Utah); Jeffrey Jestes (University of Utah): Efficient Parallel kNN Joins for Large Data in MapReduce.

Zhenghua Xu (The University of Melbourne); Rui Zhang (The University of Melbourne); Ramamohanarao Kotagi (The University of Melbourne); Udaya Parampalli (The University of Melbourne): An Adaptive Algorithm for Online Time Series Segmentation with Error Bound Guarantee.

Patrick Schäfer (ZUSE Institut Berlin); Mikael Högqvist (ZUSE Institut Berlin): SFA: A Symbolic Fourier Approximation and Index for Similarity Search in High Dimensional Datasets.

Zeinab Hmedeh (CNAM); Harris Kourdounakis (FORTH/Univ. of Crete); Vassilis Christophides (ICS-FORTH); Cedric Du Mouza (CNAM); Michel Scholl (CNAM); Nicolas Travers (CNAM): Subscription Indexes for Web Syndication Systems.

Rares Vernica (HP Labs); Andrey Balmin (IBM Almaden); Kevin Beyer (IBM Almaden Research Center); Vuk Ercegovac (IBM Almaden Research Center): Adaptive MapReduce using Situation-Aware Mappers.

Mahkameh Yaghmaie (Carleton University), Leopoldo Bertossi (Carleton University), Sina Ariyan (Carleton University): Repair-Oriented Relational Schemas for Multidimensional Databases

Zhiwei Zhang (CUHK), Jeffrey Xu Yu (CUHK), Lu Qin (CUHK), Qing Zhu (Renmin University of China), Xiaofang Zhou (): I/O Cost Minimization: Reachability Queries Processing over Massive Graphs

Shixi Chen (Fudan University), Shuigeng Zhou (Fudan University), Sourav S Bhowmick (Nanyang Tech Univ, Singapore): Integrating Historical Noisy Answers for Improving Data Utility under Differential Privacy

João B. Rocha-Junior (NTNU), Kjetil Nørvåg (NTNU): Top-k Spatial Keyword Queries on Road Networks

Petros Tsialiamanis (ICS-FORTH), Lefteris Sidirourgos* (CWI), Irini Fundulaki ("Institute of Computer Science - FORTH, Greece"), Vassilis Christophides (ICS-FORTH), Peter Boncz: Heuristic based Query Optimisation for SPARQL

Mithila Nagendra (Arizona State University), K. Selcuk Candan (Arizona State University): Skyline-Sensitive Joins with LR-Pruning


Manuel Günter (Swiss National Bank): Introducing MapLan to Map Banking Survey Data into a Time Series Database.

Mark Mendell (IBM Research), Howard Nasgaard (IBM Research), Eric Bouillet (IBM Research), Martin Hirzel (IBM Research), Bugra Gedik (IBM Research): Extending a General-Purpose Streaming System for XML

Hanna Köpcke (University of Leipzig), Andreas Thor (University of Leipzig) , Stefan Thomas (University of Leipzig) , Erhard Rahm (University of Leipzig): Tailoring entity resolution for matching product offers


Thomas Bernecker, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität; Franz Graf, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München; Hans-Peter Kriegel, "Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany"; Nepomuk Seiler, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany; Christoph Türmer, Technische Universität München; Dieter Dill, Technische Universität München. Knowing: A Generic Data Analysis Application.

Zhou Zhao, HKUST; Da Yan, HKUST; Wilfred Ng, HKUST. A Probabilistic Convex Hull Query Tool for Animal Tracking.

Yann Gripay; Frederique Laforest; Francois Lesueur; Nicolas Lumineau; Jean-Marc Petit, LIRIS; Vasile-Marian Scuturici, INSA Lyon; Samir Sebahi; Sabina Surdu: ColisTrack: Testbed for a Pervasive Environment Management System.

Henrik Mühe, Technical University of Munich, Germany; Alfons Kemper, Technical University of Munich, Germany; Thomas Neumann, Technical University of Munich, Germany: The Mainframe Strikes Back: Elastic Multi-Tenancy Using Main Memory Database Systems On A Many-Core Server.

Paolo Atzeni, Università Roma Tre, Italy; Francesca Bugiotti, Università Roma Tre; Luca Rossi, Università Roma Tre: SOS (Save Our Systems): A uniform programming interface for non-relational systems.

Yanbo Wu, The University of Adelaide; Quan Zheng Sheng, The University of Adelaide: PeerTrack: A Platform for Tracking and Tracing Objects in Large-Scale Traceability Networks.

Thomas Heinze, SAP Research Dresden; Zbigniew Jerzak, SAP Research Dresden; André Martin, TU Dresden; Lenar Yazdanov, TU Dresden; Christof Fetzer, TU Dresden. Fault-Tolerant Complex Event Processing using Customizable State Machine-based Operators.

Kia Teymourian, Freie Universität, Berlin; Malte Rohde, Freie Universität Berlin; Adrian Paschke, Freie Universität Berlin: Knowledge-Based Processing of Complex Stock Market Events.

Nikos Pelekis, University of Piraeus; Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, IBM Research−Zürich; Marios Vodas, University of Piraeus; Anargyros Plemenos, University of Piraeus; Despina Kopanaki, University of Piraeus; Yannis Theodoridis, University of Piraeus: Private-HERMES: A Benchmark Framework for Privacy-Preserving Mobility Data Querying and Mining Methods.

Victor Cuevas-Vicenttin, University of Grenoble; Genoveva Vargas-Solar, LIG; Christine Collet, LIG: Evaluating Hybrid Queries through Service Coordination in HYPATIA

Camélia Constantin, Lip6; Cedric du Mouza, CNAM; Philippe Rigaux, CNAM; Virginie Thion, CNAM; Nicolas Travers, CNAM: A Desktop Interface over Distributed Document Repositorie.s

Konstantinos Makris , Technical University of Crete ; Nikos Bikakis, Nat. Techn. Univ. of Athens; Nektarios Gioldasis, Technical University of Crete; Stavros Christodoulakis, Technical University of Crete. SPARQL-RW: Transparent Query Access over Mapped RDF Data Sources.

Malu Castellanos, HP Labs, USA; Meichun Hsu, HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA, USA; Umesh Dayal, HP Labs, USA; Ridhhiman Ghosh, HP Labs, USA; Mohamed Dekhil, HP Labs USA: Intention Insider: Discovering People's Intentions in the Social Channel.

Luying Chen, Oxford University; Michael Benedikt, Oxford University; Evgeny Kharlamov, Free University of Bolzano: QUASAR: Querying Annotation, Structure, and Reasoning.

Medhabi Ray, Worcester Polytechnic Institut; Mo Liu, Worcester Polytechnic Institut; Elke Rundensteiner, Worcester Polytechnic Institut: Realtime Healthcare Services Via Nested Complex Event Processing Technology.

Stephen Wylie, Dept. of EECS, Northwestern University; James Heide, Dept. of EECS, Northwestern University; Besim Avci, Dept. of EECS, Northwestern University; Dennis Vaccaro, Grinnell College; Oliviu Ghica, Dept. of EECS, Northwestern University; Goce Trajcevski, Dept. of EECS, Northwestern Un: Distributed Data Management for Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks Simulations..

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